Monday, December 13, 2010

More Cool Science News…Saturns rings.

Science is amazing.   The science community is about constant education and asking questions.  Science advances knowledge, unlike religion, which prefers you to be a dumb sheep.

I love yahoo articles like this, because you get to learn about a new scientific theory and also you get to laugh at all the ridiculous comments left by the religious lunatics.

If there was any truth to religion there wouldn't be about a million different offshoots of the christian religion.  Religion and god(s) were invented to gain control over people.--and it was very easy to do in ancient civilizations because they didn't have science to explain things like volcanoes or thunder and lightning, so they could say it must be the angry god(s)!!   Yikes, you better give us some money to save your soul, and we'll protect you.  It's amazing people still fall for this ancient garbage.
I guess some people need something powerful to believe in to get them thru their day.  It's sad really.
What's wrong with believing in yourself and other people?

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