Thursday, October 21, 2010

The christian crutch.

"Born agains" are the worst.   They're always an ex-con or someone who has been dependent on alcohol or drugs just like Fox News golden boy, Beck.   I've never met a normal 'born again', they've always had some sort of problem, and it's gets really old.

"Born agains" are so dependent on their faith, that they don't have any scruples and will do anything they can to push their faith in everyone's face. 
I would bet anything that this guy (in the article below) was an alcoholic, and if it took believing in magic to clean up his act--fine.   But, give it rest and leave the rest of us alone.   We don't need your newly found faith shoved in our face every chance you get.

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  1. I concur completely with my Atheist friend. if there was a god he wouldn't care what I believed in, which way I voted, and if I were gay or not. He would judge me solely on how I lived my life and treated others...end of story! And if Jesus was alive today...he would be a democrat who didn't own a gun. He wouldn't push his beliefs in the face of others and would completely support universal health care.